Thursday, October 20, 2011

The beautiful and talented CDFA nominee Soraya Silchenstedt ( far right) designer of Finn Jewelry, photographed for the november issue of Vogue wearing all Ryan Roche!!


Pride of a Nation: The 2011 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Funders

Vogue Daily — Finn Jewelry
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Finn Jewelry 
It’s said a love knot is forever, and for Soraya Silchenstedt, it kind of is. The 32-year-old designer of Finn Jewelry (photographed with model Lakshmi Menon) originally discovered the motif in Mr. Rubin’s third-grade jewelry-making class and has since re-created it in solid gold. The Westchester-raised designer, who draws every design in pencil and gouache, also creates bulbous hearts and animal- and shark’s-tooth pendants—bijous with humor and heft. “That’s what makes the pieces iconic,” says business partner Candice Pool, 34, “that there are these themes in fine jewelry. Our clients are looking for something whimsical but still valuable.” This season, the label debuts a collection of engagement and wedding rings. “The details are very subtle,” says Silchenstedt, “but there’s reasoning to it.”

Photographed by Norman Jean Roy 

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