Thursday, October 20, 2011

Eva Fehren..amazing new collection that I love!

The New York Times Style Magazine

A New Jewel in Town

Eva Zuckerman, the designer of Eva Fehren, a new fine jewelry line, first started tinkering with jewelry while working for Mor Mor Rita, a high-end children’s brand. “Women actually bought my stuff!” exclaims Zuckerman, who put her Cooper Union fine arts background on hold for the opportunity to work for the jewelry designers Philip Crangi and, later, Monique Péan. “They’re such wonderful teachers,” she says, crediting both mentors with instilling in her the importance of sustainable gems (like petrified wood and lapis lazuli stones) and innovative craftsmanship (seen in her delicate gold stackable bands and geometric rings and bracelets). And from the looks of her debut effort, this promising pupil gets a gold star.
Eva Fehren jewelry, starting at $800. Go to roseark.com.


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